Why Quor Health?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Quor Health provides full-service ambulatory surgery center management and physician practice growth. We strategically partner with highly specialized, board-certified surgeons who focus on minimally invasive surgery and provide them equity ownership to share directly in surgery center facility fees.

Marketing four independent “Quor” treatment brands we deploy a unique patient acquisition strategy driven by proprietary direct-to-consumer marketing technology.

Our “Quor” team of care coordinators are directly responsible for providing patients with a concierge-style experience, helping identify and fully understand the best treatment options available to them, so they can make the most informed decision possible.

Data-Driven Marketing

Our marketing campaigns are built on insights pulled from the analysis of big data, collected through patient interactions and engagements across specialties and geographic regions, to form predictions about future behaviors. We bring this unique advantage to all of our partners supplying a continual funnel of qualified new patient leads.

Quor Health conducts intensive marketing campaigns that educate, inform, and connect patients with our partner physicians in each market. By combining tactics in paid search and demand generation marketing, our specially-trained call center team, and proprietary growth forecasting algorithm, Quor Health generates pre-qualified patient leads for physician partners throughout the state of Texas.

Ancillary Program Management

Patients today are seeking providers who offer quality, convenience and continuity of care. Quor Health is the only entity that offers physicians the ancillary services support to provide a comprehensive approach that incorporates lab work, pharmacy, monitoring and durable medical equipment combined with Marketing and ASC ownership to achieve all three. Using a holistic approach to patient care ensures that all revenue streams are optimized.

Build Growth for Physicians,
Not Just Value

It’s time for a new strategy. Maximizing value for patients is at our core by providing the best outcomes at reasonable costs. This is a fundamental shift away from volume supply-driven healthcare, to patient-centered outcomes. This is not a single step but a transformation.

Embracing patient outcomes delivers the value foundation for growth. Quor Health partners exclusively with physicians who embrace a quality, patient-focused experience. This partnership allows our physicians to stay focused on what matters most, and significantly boost practice growth through our approach of providing a comprehensive treatment approach that includes all the services needed to enhance our patients’ quality of life.